A journey through Cuban  Piano Music lead by composers Manuel Saumell and Ignacio Cervantes from the 19th Century until the date.

Original compositions by  Glenda del Monte Escalante, exercises and tips

Glenda del Monte Escalante

About the Author

Throughout the decades, Cuban Piano repertoire from the 19th Century and up until the date, it has often been considered to underlie both classical and popular music in Cuba and to have significantly influenced other music styles outside of Cuba as well. Given its roots in Spanish melodic and harmonic elements and its general use of African rhythms it is an important part of the music history of Cuba.

As a pianist, educator and composer from Cuba, Glenda has found it immensely important to research, learn, perform and create awareness of this repertoire, which is in various ways analogous to Ragtime, in terms of melodies and rhythms. It is romantic at times, rhythmically compelling, alternately moody and brilliant in many aspects.

These Cuban danzas are the bases of the rhythm known as ‘Habanera’, and they are a result of the fusion of wide and various musical traditions, which led to the development of a national expression and “Cuban” identity.

Cuban Piano Repertoire

Underlie both classical and popular music influencing other music style outside of Cuba

Research Learn Perform

Rhythically compelling, alternative moody , creating awareness of this repertoire

Bases of Cuban rhythms

Habaneras: As a result of the fusion of wide and various musical traditions

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The Cuban Heritage Series books collection is something that all music teachers, musicians and music lovers should have as a reference to constantly check and share,
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Sophie Grant
I cannot stop practicing the piano tips that Glenda has shared through the Cuban Heritage series. That helps not just pianists, but all instrument players that want to learn about Cuban Culture and more,,,
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James Stinger
It's amazing what I have discovered about the Cuban Classical Piano and beyond. I truly recommend these wonderful collection of Cuban Heritage Series Books
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Amy Winter