Pianist-Singer-Songwriter-Music Educator-Composer-Motivational Artist-Producer

Latin Grammy Nominee Glenda del E is a multifaceted Afro Latin Soul artist from Cuba, who is passionate about being able to influence, inspire, motivate and collaborate the world with her music. Open to a variety of musical influences, from Classical piano repertoire and Cuban folklore, to Hip-Hop, R&B and Jazz, del E has managed to establish herself as an extremely talented versatile musician amongst diverse music circles in Havana, Miami, Toronto and currently in NYC.

As a songwriter, clearly Glenda del E has something to show. She is inventive and has a flair for both melody and rhythm. Her work is adventurous—even daring—and she does not seem to back away from complex structures. The fact that Del E is able to write for small and large ensembles is also an extraordinary angle to her talent. This is rare among young artists and must surely auger well for Glenda del E’s future.

Raul de Gama/Latin Jazz Network

“It never ceases to amaze me the fine talent which comes out from Cuba. Glenda del E is a vibrant pianist-singer and like most Cubans plays with passion. Catch this multi-talented young lady when you get the chance”

Milbourne/Toronto Jazz Magazine

There is something quite special about Ella, the 2022 album recorded by the prodigious pianist Glenda Del E and equally gifted violinist Daniela Padrón. There are many rather exclusive reasons for this. Firstly, the entire repertoire has been captured in the quietude of a duo [setting]. The empathy with which each player is able to communicate suggests that there is an almost transcendent telepathy that has been born into existence from the first bars of the music. 

Raul de Gama/Latin Jazz Network


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The USA, New York
Jun 8, 9:00 PM
La Portada Canada

Sanz en Vivo, Madrid
May 18

Sanz en Vivo, Portugal
May 24

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Univision - U-lab Music

Jun 28,9:00 PM

Old Havana

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